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Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

As my first Agatha Christie novel, I will say that she did not disappoint. For me, a successful mystery book makes you believe you have figured out the verdict but with every page turn your theory is constantly evolving. It isn’t until you have reached the concluding chapters that it all unravels effortlessly and builds on the grand finale.

This novel takes place in the 1930’s with a murder that has already ensued on board a train travelling through a snowstorm. I would consider Murder on the Orient Express a great gateway into the world of mystery novels. It is a short novel, with a succinct plot and is not overly gory or dark in it’s descriptions and themes. Murder on the Orient Express is full of layers and complex characters with incredibly diverse backgrounds and personalities. This novel has multiple narratives that unfold throughout the novel giving glimpses into what has motivated each passenger to step on this particular train.

Murder on the Orient Express is divided up by the evidence and investigations of the main character, Detective Hercules Poirot, as he solves the puzzling death that has occurred on the stalled journey. The reader is brought along for the twists and turns through the perspective of Detective Poirot. As Poirot discovers information and pieces details of the murder together with the help of the physical evidence, witness/ suspect alibis and his own behavioural analysis, he comes to a shocking conclusion that left me pleasantly satisfied. I would love to hear what you thought of this classic novel written by the “Queen of Mystery”! Did you see that ending coming?


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