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Before you grab a book, what's your outlook?

Before sinking into a fresh, new book I always like to get a review on it, whether it’s from a friend who’s recommended the book or an influencer online...there are certain things that I like to consider...

Was it a fast-paced read?

Did it make you sit and contemplate other things going on in your life?

Did you have to reread it a couple times to fully grasp the meaning?

What did the author make you feel?...

These are all details I want to know about a book before I take the plunge.

In my opinion, an individual person cannot dictate or determine a book’s worth. Most would agree that there isn’t one book in the world that every single person will undoubtedly enjoy. There are so many elements and determinants to whether we, as readers, are going to enjoy a book. I, for one, have reread books that I initially thought were “just ok”, but later discovered that it wasn’t the book; it was the fact I was unable to connect with it during that moment in my life and therefore, the narrative didn’t resonate with me. If we can’t relate to the narrative or intention of the book, how can we interpret whether it’s “well-written”? I’m not an expert and I won’t pretend to be. What I do know is that I love books and believe they have so much to offer us. My goal is to provide insight into each book I read and hope to ignite your passion enough to pick it up and give it a go. I want to know what YOU think!

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